1. aurum-peregrinus asked: UR BLOG IS BEST FOOD BLOG EVAR (ok, it's actually the only one I consult xD but I like it A LOT! your reviews of restaurants are actually really constructive! keep up the good work ^^)

    THANK YOU.  I’m glad that I’m not the only one who enjoys reading what I write.  I wrote a new review just now (SHAMELESS PLUG).

  2. HEY KEVIN, I bet this is exactly what you’re doing now, huh?

    OK I’m gonna stop picking on you.

    Comic credits: Written by my sis

  3. Nothing like getting served by your mom.

    What’s also funny is that Oliver didn’t know what was going on at that time since my mom was speaking in Chinese and I never told him after. It’s been 2-3 years and I finally told him. Someone laughed his ass off.

  4. HEY, KEVIN. I didn’t know you still visit my blog! You’re one of my longest-time readers (the other one is me of course).

    I actually do have a haircutting comic that I’ve been planning on making. STAY TUNED.

  5. I forgot that it was Hourly Comic Day last Saturday! Here is my day for February 1st. Nothing extraordinary.

    If you’re wondering what I was doing at 6:00PM, no I wasn’t using a shake weight, I was doing split squats with a normal dumbbell.

  6. Throwback Thursday 4

    I had to point it out because, you know, in case he didn’t see it since it was an abstract piece.

    This is the last throwback comic strip for now, until I find more old stuff.

  7. Throwback Thursday 3

    This was after playing tennis at a park near our houses.

    I overestimate myself when I’m on a bike.

  8. Throwback Thursday 2

    Sometimes I’m not sure who is more childish, me or my sister’s boyfriend (code-named Mr. K).

  9. I donated to Wikipedia during the final exam season. The reasons include being thankful for Wiki and hopeful for good karma.

    Picture credit: Written by Oliver

  10. Throwback Thursday

    That Italian restaurant in front of the cinema is closed now. Sometimes if you don’t try something new, the opportunity goes away!

    I found rough drafts of comic strips from several years ago that were never properly drawn out. Since they were rough drafts, the texts are illegible so I typed them up and pasted them on top, making it look pretty ghetto. There are 3 more old strips that I found. They’ll be in queue to be posted for the next 3 Thursdays.

  11. Character design for the collab birthday comic. Her name is Colour Cure Peppermint and her weapon is a bazooka that shoots out peppermint candies. Bazooka and mohawk? Pretty badass.

  12. Part 2:
    Happy Bday shootingk! Since we know you like Pretty Cure so much, we had to do this. WE TRANSFORMED AND PLANTED PLANTS JUST FOR YOU. The transformation was extremely necessary. What did we plant? See here (part 3).
    (part 1)

  13. I have failed.

  14. Good old cegep days

    True story.. except for the last panel of course. I was and am not overly attached, I swear. I can only smell him a few meters away.


    Tip: If you wanna keep creeps away from your stuff, just place candy wrappers everywhere. It works!

  15. A drawing for a friend (whose name is censored here in case she’s paranoid). Happy bday! Can’t wait to watch THOR 2. :)